Southwest Early College


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Southwest Early College is public charter high school with a mission to enroll students who have a desire for education beyond high school and give them knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be successful. As a small high school, SWEC provides a world-class education in a personal, supportive atmosphere. As an early college high school, SWEC students take college-level course work leading to both a high school diploma and an associate degree.


Southwest Early College nurtures within each student the knowledge, skills and desire to be an enthusiastically contributing member of a democratic society. In a personal, supportive, and engaging environment, SEC parents, teachers, and staff coach students along a path toward success in higher education. It is our mission that all students will complete a year of community college credit and the possibility of completing a community college certificate and/or Associates Degree through a fifth year program at SWEC.


Students at Southwest Early College shall earn an associate’s degree or sixty transferable college credits within five years or less of beginning high school.